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Italian organic oregano grown on a small mountain in Italy; an all natural herb, strictly certified organic, and shipped directly from Italy to you. It's the secret ingredient for all your recipes.
Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

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People are Talking!
"This is my second order for your oregano and I would like to say that it is the "BEST" I have ever used. It is better, much better, than my own home grown oregano. I want to thank you people for a superior product that I absolutely love and so do the friends I share it with...God Bless"   Charles W.,  Plainville, Connecticut
What people are saying about Angela's oregano.Oregano
"This is my second order for your oregano and I would like to say that it is the "BEST" I have ever used. It is better, much better, than my own home grown. I want to thank you people for a superior product that I absolutely love and so do the friends I share it with...God Bless"   Charles W.  Plainville, Connecticut
"Fantastic recipes! Love them all."   Philomena N., USA
"Yes, he enjoyed your oregano very much. Thanks and I will be using your services again as Easter comes closer. Pax deus,"   Martin C.  Carlsbad, California
"The oregano is fantastic. I have been using it with great delight. The aroma and flavor it adds is wonderful! Thank you for such preparing it with such care."   Roberta F.  Grand Prairie, Texas
"Well I received the oregano and I couldn't get over the wonderful aroma - I am sure I will love every bit - I gave some to my brother already...I did the smell test - the one I bought from the grocery store and yours and of course yours won hands down...Thank you - I will order again one day. 
(Follow up email) I had it in my notes to write you and tell you how much I love the oregano - It is even better than what I fragrant - nothing compares to this - I had at another time last year ordered some off the Internet but it was not like oregano at all - the site said sweet Italian imported oregano and I swear it was nothing like yours - it was very pulverized like what you would do with a mortar and pestle - very very finely ground (didn't even taste like oregano)- so what I got from you was what I had hoped for and more -- I gave some to my family and people I work with.

A woman who has been on Martha Stewart show here in New York who is Italian always mentions that her secret to her recipes is Italian Imported sweet oregano - Her name is - she makes wonderful Italian food but I'm sure you do too. But, anyway, that is how I heard of Italian imported oregano - I was also in a local Italian import store one of the past holidays and saw something like yours there. Once you have had yours, buying it from the store is nonsense...there is no comparison...Good hearing from you"  
Lucy Beaudoin W.  Troy, New York
"The tomato sauce recipe was great -- everyone really liked it. I could notice a difference when I made the sauce. I always rug the herbs in my hands before adding them to the sauce. Whereas, "oregano" I've used before left a strong, almost harsh smell on my hands, your oregano had a fresh, almost minty aroma. I have been using the oregano in some other recipes as well -- even those that aren't strictly Italian, and it is a nice addition. Thank you, again. And I hope you have a great week as well. Arrivederci!"   Ellen Maher F.  St. Louis, Missouri
"Thank you! Received my order today 25 October 2008. The 2 packages arrived in excellent condition. I really appreciate your prompt service and excellent Oregano product. Thanks again."   Frank L.  Prince Frederick, Maryland
"The oregano is 'bella'. The best. I have shared it with my best friends only. It will last me a while, and then I will order more. Ciao!"   Marion H.  Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
"I have purchased your delicious...and your oregano...won't make sauce without it."   Gloria R.  Tampa, Florida
"Thank you Angelina for all your emails! God Bless! Ciao!"   Aniello C. USA
"Dear Ms.Nicotra, I am anxious to receive your fine product and use the oregano in your recipes that I have been saving! Ciao Ciao"   Donna Marie U.  Clinton Corner, NY
"Thank you for all these wonderful recipes, and fun reading. Ever greatful!"   Philomena N. USA
"Thanks, I love the recipes!"   Bonnie  Illinois, USA
"My wife and I couldn't believe we received our order from you so quick. You processed our order on Monday, Sept. 20th, and we received it today...Friday, Sept. 24th. My neighbor had to see your invoice before he could believe I had that quick service from Italy. It usually takes longer than that for an order to be received from companies here in the States. Last, but most important...The quality of your product is more than we expected. We are 1000% satisfied. Thank you."   Frank and Betty L.  Prince Frederick, Maryland
"Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes."   Aniello C.  USA
"These are all great the beans with the sausage."   Pamela P.  USA
"Thank's a million; I always look forward to your great recipes in addition to the "Only In Italy" humor."   Grace, USA
"The oregano sold in the USA is actually Mexican laurel and is very strong and bitter. I can't wait for my Siciliano oregano to arrive. Molto Grazie! P.S. I am 100% Siciliana."   Diane Gange L.  Corvallis, Oregon
"Thank you so much. I keep a bouquet hanging in my kitchen window and it fills the room with a wonderful aroma that we all enjoy. Your oregano is the VERY BEST EVER!!!"   Charles W.  Plainville, Connecticut
"It is wonderful...the best I've ever used. Must be your excellent climate. It arrived safely and in perfect condition. My youngest son, who is 17, enjoyed the stamps. He has been collecting them since he was little. Thank you for a wonderful product."   Mary O.  Plymouth, Minnesota
"Thank you for your lovely letter. I am fine and received your packages of oregano. They are so cute in their packages that I gave several to friends and have the rest sitting on my counter looking adorable. It is funny because I have not tried them yet but I can tell from the fragrance that it must be good. I gave your website to a friend so they will probably be ordering. It is nice to hear from you because my mother's family came from Palermo in the 1800's. Someday I will find them I hope! Have a wonderful Christmas season and I will write again when I use the oregano. All the best!"   Mary R.  San Francisco, California
"Thank you for the recipe for the Melanzane ripiene con caciocavallo cheese. It was so fabulous! My sister was visiting me and I wanted to make a special meal and she loved the Melanzane more than anything else. I look forward to making it again next week. Oh, it will be wonderful to make it, smell it and especially eat it. Thanks again."   Vincenza Alabastro, USA
"Thank you so very much - I love your recipies. Some are old family ones that were lost some where in time!"   Philomena N., USA
"Just want to say how much I LOVE YOUR SITE!"   Maria D.  USA
"Thank you for your email. Yes, we are enjoying the oregano, which is by far THE BEST in any recipe that calls for it. It is perfect for grilled vegetables. I also use it as an ingredient in my dry rub that I put on chicken and pork. The flavor is outstanding. Thank you for a great product. Our summer has been very hot and humid so far, but perfect for cooking outdoors on the grill. Again thank you for your email, Ciao-Ciao, Chuck Wickstrom "Cookie", that's the nickname given me by my friends."   Chuck W.  USA
"I received your email and appreciate the issues. Many thanks! Angela is doing a great job. Ciao Have a great day." Aniello C.  USA
"I just love and adore my newsletter from Angela and the recipes are also awesome! Wish I would have found it sooner! I am Nonna to 5 almost grown up grandchildren and love love love to work in the kitchen. I order all my Italian cooking ingredients online that are imported to the US. We have been to Italy every year for the past 3 years and plan to go back again in late summer or early fall. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A FUN is truly the best of any emails I ever receive! Amore!"   Dolores P.  USA
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your e-mails -- Thank you!"   Judy S.  USA
"Your product is excellent and we use it all the time. I have passed on your site to both family and friends. You can be sure we will order some more in the near future. Pax Deus,"   Marty C.  USA
"Angela, I have been receiving your newsletters and recipes for some time and always enjoy them. I am wondering if you have a cookbook with your recipes? Another question do you have someone translate your newsletters or do you write them in English? I am 2nd generation Sicilian American and have never been to Italy or Sicily. My grandfather was from Porticello and my grandmother was from Tunis. My husband and I would love to visit. Do you accept guests to tour your farm? And if so, can you suggest accommodations nearby? Ciao!"   Sharon Orlando W.  USA
"Dear Angela Reina, I complement you highly on your recent newsletter. All three recipes are exceptionally super. In addition, your story "Stallone prefers to die in Italy" was most fascinating and your commentary was absolutely hilarious! I always look forward to your wonderful Newsletters. Kindly continue the excellent effort you're accomplishing with your most entertaining Newsletters. Sincerely,"   Grace,  USA
"It is a pleasure receiving your web page. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. My family has enjoyed all the recipes that I have tried and look forward to the continuation. Thank you! My many thanks for a timely order of oregano. This is my first order and I am so pleased with the quick customer response I received on the status of my order. I must comment on your careful packaging and attention to detail. I have been so pleased with your oregano. The taste is like no other! Thank you so very much! I will continue to be one of your satisfied customers! I will tell all my cooking friends! Your oregano would be a great holiday gifts!"   Jayne P.  USA
"Thank you for the very lovely follow up email to our purchase of your fine herbs. We are very much satisfied with the oregano and certainly will re-order when we require more... We'll look at your website for other products that may be of interest, as well. Thank you and Buon Natale!"   Roger T.  Scottsdale, AZ
"I so enjoy your newsletter and all the recipes you include. Having taken the first year's class in Italian at a local university, I especially look forward to your "sayings" that start each newsletter. Grazie mille! Ciao"   Karol H.  Malibu, California
"I love this excellent oregano. The best I have ever used! Taste, aroma, careful and attractive packaging--everything a person like me who enjoys good cooking and eating appreciates. I'm into my second order and share with only my closest loved ones! Will certainly order again."   Barbara C.  LaGrange Park, Illinois
"Had to let you know that I made the "Sicilian Rice Balls" and they were AWESOME!!! I am Sicilian myself but born here in America but my Grandparents were born there. I wish my Grandmother would have written things down because I have no recipes to follow to make any REAL Sicilian food. When I watched her cook it was always "add a little of this and a pinch of that". Mine never comes out the same as Grandma's.
I love your site and I have tried a few recipes on it already but I had to write about the rice balls because my husband and my son raved about them. Thanks so much!
I know you probably have a strict policy on the sharing of your recipes but I belong to a recipe website called "" and it is a place where people share recipes they have tried or their own. I would love it if I could share some of yours that I have tried on that site with others. I would list your website as my source for the recipe so you would get total credit for it.
Thank you so much again for the awesome recipes."   Ginger, USA
"This is my third order of "Oregano From Italy" and I can't begin to tell you how GREAT a product you grow. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I hope that some day soon to visit your farm in Sicily. I want to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Once again, thank you for the BEST OREGANO EVER. I hope that all is well with all of you..."   Charles W.  Plainville, Connecticut
"Dear Angela, I have been cooking most of your delicious recipes, and I enjoyed them very much."   Christine S. Malta
"I'm sharing your emails (newsletters) with an Italian friend that loves to cook Italian dishes. Merry Christmas from our Italian house to yours."   Richard and Betty Pianca, USA
"I really enjoy your web site. I love the articles on Italy and the recipes. I have recommended your site to my daughter who is away to school in OK. She also plans on going to the University of Rome this summer on an exchange program. I can hardly wait to hear all about her experience in Italy. A very loyal reader,"   Toni Boyd, USA
"The oregano arrived today! Thank you very much. I appreciate that you are producing such a good product. (I have actually tried the oregano in other dishes than merely the Italian ones, such as beef stew, and it adds a very nice flavor.) Thank you very much! Ciao!"   Ellen Maher Forney  St. Louis, Missouri
"The oregano arrived in perfect condition and I have shared some of it with my two daughters. It is wonderful oregano - much nicer than oregano I have grown myself. It must be that beautiful Sicilian sun and air that makes the difference. My family and I had a very nice Christmas and I hope you and your family did too. Ciao."   Rosemarie Dolan  Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I cannot express how much I look forward to receiving your emails and wonderful recipes. To order from your part of the world to mine, would it not prove too expensive on my end? We do have a wonderful Italian Store in Sydney where most Italian items are found, but I do not know that I have seen any of our products. Would you be interested for me to further enquire? Best wishes and keep up the good work, and, yes, I am a keen subscriber!!!"   Jennifer  Sydney, Australia
"Buon Natale, Angela. Mi piace tutti gli E-Mails che arrivano. Scusi, se la lingua non guisto. Your faithful reader,"   Annamaria S., USA
"I love your recipes, have made soooo many of them, and all the newsy letters. Thank You!"   Philomena Nardone, USA
"As an Italian American, all I can say is "ringraziarla" "delizioso". This is the best oregano I have ever tasted!!! All my dishes from sauce to adding it on my pizza taste so flavorful. It came beautifully packaged and I could smell the aroma right through the shipping box. Amazing!!! We do not have oregano like this in the States. It has to be Sicily and the water. Thank you for your wonderful product and I will be ordering more. I have shared with my friends so I will be ordering again soon. Thanks Again!"   Janet L.  Waltham, Massuchusetts
"Yes, your oregano package arrived safe and sound. We really enjoy your product and we use enough oregano to know that no other brand comes close to yours. This must be my 3rd or 4th order from you! Thanks for producing and selling in small quantities. Keep up the good job you are doing."   Frank L.  Prince Frederick, Maryland
"Once again I say you folks have the best Oregano ever!" Charles W.  Plainville, Connecticut
"Your newsletter and recipes are great! Thanks for the news from Italy. I love your sense of humor!"   Mary L. Weick, USA

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